A brand with a clear and noble history, always contemporary throughout time.

It all began in 1926, when the company owner received a postcard: two English skiers lying in the sun, snow-covered peaks and a message “We are happy, we are well”. Extraordinarily, that postcard, signed by Margaret under the sky of Saint Moritz and then covered with stamps from all over the world, arrived half a century later, travelling locations and scenery, to deliver the dream of a very long and unforgettable journey. That’s how Post Card was born: from that surprising link between images and words, reality and fantasy.

The message became the essence of the brand’s lifestyle: sporty and elegant. From that moment on, softness and lightness represent the main values of the products, translated into a cozy yet essential design, thanks to the use of the best high-tech materials and pure sophisticated colors.

Still nowadays, the meaning of Post Card encloses warmth and protection, able to gift the luxury from a boundless time, made of unique and sophisticated items, imbued with past and future.

“There is no
such things
as bad weather,
only inappropriate

Sir Randolph Fiennes