The brand stars on the ski slopes in Ridley Scott's film.

The highly anticipated film by award-winning director Ridley Scott is finally in theaters: House of Gucci is not only the story of an Italian family that made history, but it is a scenic representation of brands that have made elegance.

Post Card is one of them. The brand, born in 1926, has in fact a heritage recognized internationally as luxury sportswear, with its sophisticated and high-tech style, perfect for the ski slopes of the best ski resorts in the world.

It is no coincidence, in fact, that Post Card was chosen in the scenes set in St. Moritz to dress the protagonists by the costume designer, JANTY YATES, winner of the Oscar for the best costumes in Gladiator.

Post Card’s elegance drove the choice of Ridley Scott‘s costume designer team, who wanted custom-made ski suits for the most important scenes shot on the snow.

Ridley Scott’s team together with the Post Card product department worked side by side for months to create the red jumpsuit that Lady Gaga wears in the role of the main character Patrizia Reggiani. They also created the white jumpsuit of Adam Driver as Maurizio Gucci and other items for the co -protagonists such as the character of Paola Franchi.

In the film Lady Gaga and Adam Driver wear a custom made Post Card suit created and designed especially for them by the brand’s product department, based on archival references and tailored according to the sporty and elegant style typical of those years.

Post Card was chosen because it is a brand that embodies the essence of a product with a welcoming but essential design embodying elegance of timeless luxury, where craftsmanship is the basis of each garment made with the best high-tech materials. Today the Post Card men and women’s collections are on sale in the most prestigious department stores and specialized shops in Italy and in the USA.